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Ceiling Coverings

The ceiling has the largest visible space anywhere and there is nothing to cover it other than floors and walls, we must take care of it appearing in the best possible way.

There are several types of ceilings, whether construction ceilings, which are essential in any building (it cannot be dispensed with), such as exposed or traditional concrete ceilings spread in most places, or iron ceilings, although they are not common and are known as industrial decor or even wooden ceilings.


Or suspended ceilings or borrowed ceilings, which are ceilings installed under the main ceiling only, which affect the height and shape, but do not affect the main building, and gypsum board ceilings are widespread these days.

Image by SJ 📸

All kind of Ceiling panels

The types of ceilings did not end there, but there are also suspended wooden ceilings, stretched grilles, etc., all this and more that we provide for you at İMKAN in Turkey.


The main objective of the roof is to protect the house, but with time the roof decoration became an important aesthetic appearance in the construction; There are many different designs and shapes of ceilings, we will learn about them together, whether the ceiling:

  • The main (structural) roof.

  • Suspended ceiling

The main (structural) roof

It is the normal basic roof found in any building, and the house cannot be protected without it, there are several types of it such as

 Concrete roof:

the most popular and widely used in most buildings, because of its hardness, durability and endurance because it is made of iron and cement.

Image by Tom Parkes
Image by sebastiaan stam

Wooden roof

It is made of solid wood and is suitable for cold places exposed to snow, so that the wood maintains the warmth of buildings in winter as a result of its lack of interaction and exposure to cold, in addition to its aesthetic appearance.


Usually it is not suitable for the construction of large buildings, as well as not widespread in warm places such as the Arab countries, for example.

wooden ceiling

Flooring ceramic and marble

Implementation and covering the floors is a major part of the finishing and design, the materials and colors vary according to use and the nature of the place and its consistency with the rest of the furniture, walls and the entire surroundings.


many different flooring


There are many different flooring materials that differ according to the material, shape, endurance and harmony with the rest of the decor elements in the place such as


Parquet: If you are a fan of warm decor, elegance and the use of wood, you may be attracted to choosing parquet in the floors, the parquet itself has several types, including parquet made of beech wood and parquet made of red and white oak.


Parquet may need daily care and care during cleaning, taking into account the extreme temperature difference between cold and heat so that the parquet does not crack and become damaged.

several types

Porcelain: The easiest to clean without the need for special products. It is characterized by its hardness, durability, heat resistance, and permanent glossiness, but it is heavy in weight and may be subjected to scratching.


Ceramic: One of the most common types of flooring due to its great durability and ability to resist fire, scratches, and breakage.


One of the disadvantages of using ceramic is that it is not soundproof and does not retain heat, and in some cases it may cause accidents and slip if something is spilled on it.


Granite: Granite is widely used because of its durability, so it is used in stairs, kitchens and bathrooms, but it is prone to soiling easily, so you must know the appropriate way to care for it.

Marble: Whether it is natural or artificial marble, it is the finest type of flooring in its gray, black and white colors. Marble is distinguished because of its glossiness, transparency, and beautiful effect on decoration, but it is very expensive and needs special care.


Cork: It is often used in nurseries and gyms because it is safe for children, tolerates frequent movement, is environmentally friendly and resists the growth of microbes, but it may be subjected to scratching and cracks or damage when exposed to direct and continuous exposure to water and sunlight.


Tiles: including cement, rock, and marble tiles. It is characterized by strength, endurance, and resistance to friction, but it may be subject to rust, breakage, or change in its luster.

Designer Comparing Samples

Electricity wiring

Electrical installations vary according to the nature of the project, but we provide you with all the electrical installations required for your project, regardless of whether it is a residential building such as apartments, villas or commercial buildings.

Electrical Worker

making everything

Whether it is the loads of lighting and electric lamps such as incandescent or fluorescent lamps, or air-conditioning and air-conditioning loads, or even the loads of electrical appliances, as well as the loads of elevators, including the value of the current required for operation, which varies according to the capacity and durability of the elevator.

Decor finishings

As it is said in the proverb, “A book is known by its title.”Finishing is the most important step in decoration and interior design, which is of interest to customers and investors in Turkey; Because it is the last and final aspect of the construction you are working on, whether home

Making Everything

The purpose of the finishes is not limited to the aesthetic purpose only, but also to protect the building body, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, fire and sound insulation.


It also prepares the building for domestic or commercial use, while completing the remaining works of lighting, electricity, etc., giving it its final shape in terms of color and texture, and showing its beauty.


Creative idea 

Special orders at Imkan offices with our architects...

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